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Thanks so much for your recent inquiry. Whether this is your first time looking into the world of Specialty Printing or you have visited with us in the past...

Exciting things are in store for you.

Big changes have occurred at Press-A-Print over the years and we are happy to be bringing a new program forward with a new owner... Actually, one of the original founders of the company from 1986 - Jay Hebdon. Jay reacquired the company in January 2015.

I was originally affiliated with PAP from 1986 - 2001 and signed on in March of 2015 to help Jay rebuild Press-A-Print... and bring it back to it's glory days! In fact, as you review the materials I have sent you, you will discover we have rolled back our program pricing to pre "2000" year levels! This was then, and still is... one of the greatest home-based business programs out there!

I do hope to connect with you soon to discuss your questions and interest. Also, I am hoping that you will make yourself available for a phone call or two so I can fill in all the blanks and bring you up to speed regarding the changes at Press-A-Print.

Best regards...

~ Vince ~

Vince Whaley


Idaho Office


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