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Within weeks after deciding on your equipment package, you’ll be living the life of a business owner, feeling the pride that comes with controlling your own destiny.

"Having purchased equipment from Press-A-Print and started our business last year, seven months later we have hit the $75,000 gross sales mark. Orders are coming in from all over the country. The neatest part is we never advertised our business. I have told literally a handful of friends and we just keep getting orders. The second half of our first year in business is promising to probably double our first half dollar sales. We are quickly out-growing our basement and are planning on moving into a warehouse. We just wanted to say thank you for helping make this all happen."

Will B. - Colorado

Last Fall we did three fundraisers before the holidays.  Two for area high schools and one for a local church.  The beauty about fundraising is that we didn't have to sell anything...that was all done by the groups.  They sold and we printed...and we split the profits 50 - 50!  We earned over $15,000 in a short time just before Christmas.  Our Press-a-Print business is growing and growing, and better still, all three groups signed on for more fundraisers next year!


Kent & Cheri B. - Missouri

"When my wife decided to be a stay-at-home Mom, we began looking for a business she could operate from the house that would allow her to work her own hours and still make a decent income. After looking at over 50 different businesses, we decided on a specialty printing business because it offered us the most versatility. My expectations for additional income were not big, but they should have been! Never before have we made as much money doing something we both enjoy. This is much more than something to dabble in, this is a huge industry that we are now a part of and we are building a company that we can pass on to our kids!!"

Steve G. - Texas

"My daughter Kim wanted to play volleyball so as soon as she was old enough I signed her up. While I was filling out the registration form, the commissioner asked if I wanted to buy a $10.00 window decal. As I was filling out my check I glanced up to see what he was talking about. When I saw vinyl cut window decal I knew that I could find a supplier who could make them for me. So, I politely told him, “No thanks, we can do those as part of our business.” His response was, “Really? Our supplier hasn’t come through for us and I’d give you a try. Well that was three years ago and that 30 second “non sales” conversation has led to large orders, large clients and large profits."

"While the business and money have been great here’s what’s best;
     1)  I’ve had the freedom to devote my time to being my daughter’s coach every season.
     2)  We are able to put our “sponsor” logos on shirts for FREE when appropriate.
     3)  Best yet – our team lost only 1 game this season and we won first place in the 6th grade tournament!!!!! We          didn’t even finish celebrating before the basketball commissioner came up to me to talk about re-ordering            uniforms for their upcoming season!"

"You gotta love this business..."

Dyann E. - Texas

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