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Promotional Products

Promotional Products are generally thought of in terms of placing a business name and message on novelty items to leave in the hands of customers. Such items may include key rings, letter openers, pens, and drinking mugs, just to name a few. It is a big business today... The problem is that smaller businesses cannot afford the large minimum order volumes required by the promotional products suppliers. In addition to the large order quantity minimums, it may take several weeks for a business to receive their order. With your Press-A-Print Specialty Printing Equipment, you can offer affordable, small order quantities with a short lead time to delivery.

Gift Items

Premium Gifts

Premium Gifts are sought after by all businesses to leave an impression with valued clients. For example, realtors may want to offer a customized set of wine glasses and bottle of wine as a closing gift. You can do that easily for them with your Press-A-Print Specialty Printing Equipment, and for a fraction of the cost that the realtor can get it elsewhere, if they can get it printed at all. The same is true of many customized Premium Gift items that you are able to offer; and you can get them only the quantity they need.

Gift Items

Gift items are everywhere and always in demand. Whether they are generic products with cute quotes or personalized products on a per order basis, there is great potential here! With your Press-A-Print Specialty Printing Equipment, you are able to print on any number of products. You can either sell them directly to your business clients or place them on a consignment basis, collecting regularly for the actual amount sold to the customer.


Souvenirs are items we have all purchased at some time as a memento of a special trip we have taken or place we have visited. Everyone enjoys souvenirs and there are plenty of potential sales outlets all around. Small businesses are always interested in promoting their town and business through customized souvenirs. With your Press-A-Print Specialty Printing Equipment, you can supply these products in small quantities at an affordable price.

Fund Raisers

Fund Raising organizations always need new and innovative ways of catching attention and interest to support their programs and worthwhile causes. As a custom Specialty Printer, you can use your Press-A-Print system to help create those special products that will set the charity or organization apart, offering a unique item for donations. With the help of our Promotion Specialist, a new and creative idea is just a phone call away!

Special Events

Special events happen in every municipality and are perfect for products commemorating the event. With your Press-A-Print system, you will be able to fill small or large orders from annual to once in a life-time events such as centennials. In all of these areas, your clients will generally be excited about the fact that they can get a customized product at reasonable prices in a short period of time. They will be impressed with your personal service and prompt delivery. Your goal is to please the client and get repeat business and referrals for the great work you've done. That is how you build a good long-term business for yourself.

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