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When Press-A-Print was reorganized in 2015, the first step was to reduce the pricing of our equipment business programs to bring them back into reach for most folks.

The QM-7 Pad Printer and Precision Screen Printer systems were the most popular package throughout the last 20 years. This package was called our “Master Package”…and sold for as much as $25,000 or more.

If you liked us then, but couldn’t afford that size of an investment…you’ll love us now…as we rolled back our pricing to the year 2000…literally saving you thousands of dollars – up to 60% off with our new pricing!

New or Used: If you buy new equipment directly from Press-A-Print, your business will be fully supported with brand new warranties, wholesale supplies, marketing and technical support and more. It’s what we call the “PAP Buyers
Club”. Your lifetime membership is included in your program purchase.

From time to time we offer “gently-used systems” with equipment that is fully refurbished, covered by full “brand new” warranties and includes the same lifetime membership in our PAP Buyers Club for wholesale supplies and support. These systems will save you thousands of dollars more.

Buying Used Equipment from Secondary Sources: If you buy “used” equipment from previous owners, please understand that your equipment is no longer covered by the original warranties, nor does your program come with membership in our PAP Buyers Club. You will still be able to buy supplies from our retail price list.

PAP Buyers Club for Secondary Owners: Our primary business model has always been and still is to sell our equipment systems as “turnkey” business opportunities for people wanting to start a specialty printing business or to those adding to their existing business. The lion’s share of our corporate profits are in our business programs and not our supplies.

You can purchase a lifetime membership in the PAP Buyers Club that will give you full wholesale access to everything you need to be successful in your operation. Your one-time membership registration fee will provide you with a 50% discount on all your inks, pads, plates, screens and supplies and entitles you to all of our member support and training services, just as if you bought your system(s) directly from us.

This is how you establish a business relationship with us and where you need to begin on your journey of becoming a “specialty” printer with Press-A-Print’s help and support.

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