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The PaP Buyer's Club (PBC) is here to provide service and support to our enrolled operators, which include:

  1. Original “PaP” Operator owners

  2. Our “new” “PaP” Operator clients

  3. Those who acquired their system(s) from secondary sources and have enrolled in the PBC program


We DO NOT just sell equipmentWe sell "turn-key" businesses that include the PBC (PaP Buyer's Club) to help people start their own specialty printing companies or to expand their current printing operations.


You are free to buy supplies from us without enrollment in the PBC Program, however, you will be paying retail for your supplies. (See


No support or training is available for our retail customers.

The value of what we offer in our PBC total program is... SUCCESS


The fact that have  purchased or acquired your equipment from sources other than Press a Print, still entitles you to purchase our support programs "as if" you bought your used equipment from us.

To put this in perspective... your "used" equipment was acquired from secondary sources. We also sell "refurbished" systems that are fully covered with brand new warranties and inventoried with brand new supplies. If you had purchased your Press a Print QM series transfer printing program 10 to 15 years ago directly from Press a Print, you would have paid $15,990.00.

Our refurbished QM series transfer printing systems now sell for $6,000.00 by comparison.

Here is your opportunity: You can purchase our "PBC" support program for just $5,000.00 - for total and complete support for your printing operation.

Here is an outline of our PaP Buyer's Club Program:


PRIVATE “USER GROUP” MEMBERSHIP ~ Scheduled “Live” & Recorded “Business & Marketing” Webinars
PaP “PRIVATE” FACEBOOK MEMBERSHIP ~ Connection to and help from successful operators
 ~ Personal Coaching

Here is what you will receive with our Pap Buyer's Club Program:

  •  Access to our proprietary system components:

    • QM Transfer Printing Systems: 

      • Silicone pads, Printing plates, Inks, Thinners, Hardeners

    • Precision Screen Printing Systems:

      • Pin-registered Printing Screens, Inks, Emulsions

  • Downloadable instruction materials for your QM series and/or Precision Screen Printing systems

  • DVD & CD instruction for your QM Transfer and/or Precision Screen Printing system

  • Wholesale & below wholesale pricing on blank products

  • Research assistance to find products and suppliers

  • Technical Support via toll-free support line

  • Marketing Support for your operation via toll-free support line

  • Access to our on-going Marketing & Support webinars

  • Membership in our Facebook Operators group for ideas, product sourcing & networking

  • Should you desire to expand, you are entitled to wholesale pricing on any of our other printing systems


The "one-time" LIFETIME enrollment cost for our PBC program is only $5,000.00 – giving you full access to our proprietary components, member pricing, marketing and technical support…and to the world of “Specialty Printing”.




Here’s why you need to enroll in our PaP Buyer's Club Program:

It's about how much money you make!!



                      Transfer Printing:  The first thing you need to know is what inks cost for your system. With our QM                              Series Transfer Printers, we bottle our inks in 4 ounce containers…each yielding upwards to 20,000                            printing impressions per color.  We supply the basic colors of black, white, red, yellow and blue.  Our                            inks priced at $25 per 4 ounce container. These 5 colors will cost $125.00. (Our retail price for the                                same is $315.)


When you buy ink from other commercial suppliers, most require that you purchase

their minimum sized containers of either quarts or liters.  These will yield upwards to

160,000 printing impressions per color.  In the same basic colors, your investment for

ink will range from $100 per bottle to as much as $240 per bottle for a cost of approximately

$500 to $1,200.00.  The extreme downside of buying ink from other commercial sources is

that in a manual application, you will NEVER be able to use that much ink before it goes bad.

                       The second thing you need to understand concerns the printing plates.  Our plates are steel-                                         backed, photo-sensitive polymer plates that are developed with water wash rather than a chemical                             wash. They are also custom-sized for our printer.  The cost is $4 per plate with a minimum order of                             20 printing plates ($80.00 per package). (Our retail price for a package of plates is $200.00.)


The third thing you need to be aware of is the quality of your silicone printing pads.  Our

pads are “durometer appropriate” for manual transfer printing, making the printing process

much easier.  The pads are designed to attach according to the requirements of our printer. 

The cost range of our pads runs between $65.00 to as much as $160.00 – depending on size.

(Retail prices range from $125.00 to $400.00 respectively.)

Screen Printing:  There are many proprietary features of the Precision Screen Printing system.

  1. The Screens are aluminum frames, with exclusive pin registration for exact multi-color printing

  2. The Exposure Module is unique to our system

  3. The Carrier Sheets are custom fit & exclusive to our Exposure Module for precise multi-color registration

  4. On-board Exposure System with optional table-top exposure attachment

  5. Built in light-proof screen drying cabinet

  6. On-board flash dryer and drying table

  7. External on-board screen rack

  8. Optional, exclusive 8" Numbering Kit


The Precision Screen Printer’s screens come in 40, 110, 160, 200, 230, 280 and 305 thread

count mesh.  All screens are priced at $45 each. (The retail prices are $113.00 each)


The time is NOW to make the most of your "PaP" equipment

~ from wherever you bought it ~

There is a RIGHT WAY...

There is a WRONG WAY...

Enrolling in the PaP Buyer's Club Program is the RIGHT WAY!

Contact us today!

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